Introducing TalkDr.TV, an online platform designed to empower individuals and guide them towards freedom from pain and hurt. Through its online courses, TalkDr.TV offers a transformative learning experience that helps individuals heal, grow, and find a path to emotional and mental well-being.

Using an empathic and biblical-based counseling approach, Dr. Michael Gannon, PhD, L.C.A.D.C., B.C.P.C.C., has the rare ability to specifically pinpoint the root cause of core issues in your life. Whether drug and alcohol addiction, pornography, divorce recovery, infidelity, adolescent issues, relationship issues, or interpersonal dynamics, Dr. Gannon possesses the necessary tools to help you break free of your past by treating the root causes of whatever contributes to keeping you stuck.

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Breaking The Rejection Code is a workbook divided into three sections and designed to help you overcome the rejection in your life. First, you will learn how rejection hides by recognizing areas in your life where it originated. Second, you will see how it thrives by understanding certain unhealthy behaviors that impact your relationships and prevent you from breaking free. Finally, you’ll learn how to act and kill the rejection in your life by practicing new behaviors and ways of thinking while allowing the Lord to change you and form deeper relationships with others.

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