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TalkDr.TV is dedicated to fostering personal healing and growth for individuals who prefer to work and grow emotionally at their own pace. Enriched with journals, workbooks, and video courseware, TalkDr.TV empowers individuals pursuing a path to emotional wholeness and helps them obtain their identity in Christ. 

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Dr. Michael Walsh Gannon, PhD, L.C.A.D.C., B.C.P.C.C., a nine-time top-rated counselor by America's Who's Who, is a highly trusted mental health professional with over thirty years of counseling experience. As a former pastor, Dr. Gannon has ministered to thousands of people over three decades and is a sought-after speaker at conferences focusing on marriage restoration and healing the wounded soul. Alongside his wife, Michelle, a Master Equipper through the Christian Healing Certification Program of Global Awakening, they host TalkDr.TV, embodying their commitment to helping others nurture healthy and thriving lives and relationships.

Embark on a transformative experience with TalkDr.TV's online courses, where you'll gain access to practical tools for personal growth, emotional well-being, and the cultivation of resilient relationships. Dr. Gannon and Michelle bring a wealth of expertise, providing insightful guidance and practical techniques tailored to address the complexities of the mind, will, and emotions.

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This Christian Shadow Work Journal serves as your compass to help deepen your understanding of self and your place in the world. It is an invitation to understand the complexity of your emotions and to find the fullness of your identity in Christ. 

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Join us as we dive deeper into the areas of rejection by learning how it hides, thrives, and dies.  


Take us along on your shadow work journey. You'll learn the tools to get free from the things that hold you back.

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We offer individual, marriage or family therapy to help you get to the root cause of whatever keeps you stuck. 


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"You can trust your life with Michael and Michelle"

Over the years, I have witnessed how the strong faith of Michael and Michelle Gannon, have empowered them to bring freedom to anyone that wants healing. Their passion to help people experience personal healing from trauma and bring restoration to their mind and relationships has been outstanding. You can trust your life with Michael and Michelle because they will seek what your Heavenly Father wants you to receive.

Craig Miller, MS, LMSW, ACSW
45 years as an author, speaker, and therapist, www.insightsfromtheheart.com 

"Biblical, actionable, and effective"

I’ve been looking for a courseware like this for years. None I’ve found have been as concise, clearly laid out and included actionable steps to get over rejection like Breaking the Rejection Code. I’m half way through the workbook and already feel a massive difference with how I carry myself and how I feel.  

"Break off the things that make you stuck"

Breaking the Rejection Code offers simple, scriptural guidance on how to break free from subconscious self-sabotage. If you're open to God's word, then Breaking the Rejection Code will provide you with safe instruction on how to pray through specific scriptures and prayers that can free you from behaviors and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in old patterns that are not God's best for you. I highly recommend Breaking the Rejection Code and putting the exercises and prayers into practice. You will be able to quickly find solutions to situations that you want to change.